Orhan Maslo

Mostar Rock School - Project manager

Orhan “Oha” Maslo (1978) has been working in music industry for 22 years as musician, event producer and manager. As a percussionist he worked on projects with Brian Eno, Horace Andy, Prince Stanley, Duncan Sheik, Anthony Tidd, the Dutch Metropole Orchestra, Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Dubioza Kolektiv, Vasil Hadzimanov Band, Umoya Ensemble and many more. He was the producer of a series of concerts for the European Commission marking the Day of Europe in Mostar, and the music director for Southeast Europe in the Bridge Eternal - NEO Balkan project for EXPO 2005 in AICHI, Japan. He is one of the initiators of Mostar Rock School; manager of Recording Studio MC Pavarotti and one of the executive producers of Mostar Blues & Rock Festival.

Slađana Bem

Mostar Rock School - Office accountant & Outreach officer

Slađana Bem (1979) was born in Mostar. She is Language and Literature teacher, and has gained long year working experience in non-governmental organizations.

nermina ćorić

Mostar Rock School – Administrator

Nermina Ćorić (1983) has graduated in English Language and Literature and also has attended Media Journalism. She is involved in work of organizations that deals with youth issues, for many years now.

boris covic

Boris Čović

Mostar Rock School – PR

Boris Covic (1992) has been working in the media since 2011. He gained his journalistic and editorial experience at: BH Radio 1, Karike Youth Magazine, eFM Radio, the Press Council, and as a freelance journalist for various media. He also works as an educator on topics in the fields of media and media activism. He has been involved in the development of several publications and research focusing on digital security and hate speech in the media. He has been playing guitar since he was 15 years old.

anita šunjić

Mostar Rock School - Assistant for database management

Anita Šunjić (1988) is born in Loznica. She plays guitar since early childhood. For years now, she works as an author of songs and arangments. She joined Rock school in 2015, whishing to be part of music collective which moves boundaries.


atila aksoj

Head of Department of the Academic approach/Head coach

Atilla Aksoj (1972) is a multi-instrumentalist, but his main focus is the bass guitar. He also works as a music producer, composer and sound engineer. He founded a music studio BARAKA in Mostar where he makes music for theater and works on variety of musical projects. Atilla is a producer and guitar player in bands Zoster, Arkul and Barimatango.

Đeno Mujić

Head of Department of the Academic approach/Head coach

Dzenan Mujic (1971) has worked as a musician, producer, songwriter and arranger for over 25 years. He started his career in 1986 playing bass and drums in various underground bands in Mostar. He recorded his first album in 1988 as a drummer in the legendary punk rock band Geneva Decree. In 1993 he moves to Stockholm (Sweden) where he continues to work. He has participated in over 40 albums in his career. He works as a freelance producer and co-owns the Frequency Productions studio in Stockholm.


Dario Vukoja


Dario Vukoja (1990) was born and lives in Mostar. He has been playing music since elementary school. As a drummer, he has been a member of the Rock School from the beginning. He has played in the bands Pistolero and Birds of Beers with whom he has performed at Mostar Blues & Rock Festival. He also plays in numerous bands and in the brass orchestra.

Rijad Šuta


Riad Šuta (1999) was born in Mostar. He started playing drums in early childhood. He has been at the Rock School Mostar from the very beginning where he acquires additional knowledge from experienced lecturers. Currently playing drums in the bands Andrija (Livno), Jufkamental (Mostar) and Helem Nejse (Sarajevo).

Antonija Batinić


Antonija Batinic (1991) born in Kupres. She graduated from the Law Faculty in Mostar. She first got into music through active participation in choir and folklore. Graduated from the primary music school "Kraljica Katarina" in Kupres, majoring in guitar. During her studies in Mostar she participates in various projects and festivals. She is currently a permanent member of the MoRS Blues Band and the lead vocalist of Mostar Sevdah Reunion.


Monika Grubišić-Čabo


Monika Grubišić Čabo (1985) has been engaged in singing for over twenty years. She graduated from the Blagoje Bersa Music School in Zadar, flute direction, and was one of the founders of the female singing group "Kurjože", where she actively sang until 2014. She was an external associate of the Croatian National Theater in Split, where she continued her vocal work. training in the opera studio of Ante Ivic. As a back vocal and songwriter, she has collaborated with numerous Croatian performers. She is currently a full-time student of FPMOZ, majoring in Music Theory, and a full-time member of the bands "Wrong Direction", "Cult Arpa Band", "Mona & Volunteers".

Ivan Zovko


Ivan Zovko (1995) has been involved in music since he was 15 years old. He started his music education at GROOVE school, after which he joined Mostar Rock School in 2015. He is the founder and member of the band ENT, with which he has been active since 2014.

Marin Cecić


Marin Cecić, born in Split (1988), is a music teacher and theoretician. He plays the piano, the saxophone and writes music arrangements. He is active in the brass orchestra, in which he is the bandmaster and head of the youth school. He has worked at "HNK Split", collaborated with many musicians around the region and is a longtime member of Split's "rockabilly-ska-punk" band Justin's Johnson.

Marin Bošnjak

Audio production

Marin Bošnjak (1992) Educated at Music Production Academy (MPA), Zagreb 2015/2016. During his studies in Zagreb, he gained his experience in the studio Piece Of Cake and in the studio NLO. After returning to Mostar, he gained experience in the Recording Studio MC Pavarotti and the Baraka Studio.

Nedim Čišić

Creative electronic production

Nedim Ćišić (1976) was born in Mostar, where he has been practicing music and various forms of art for 20 years. He is one of the founders of the Mostar Art Collective Alternative Institute - sponsor of the literary magazine Kolaps- A Guide to Urban Sleepers, one of the initiators and music editor of the Mostar Intercultural Festival, and one of the founders of the Abrašević Youth Cultural Center. In 2003 Nedim founded Vuneny, a band/collective that has recorded more than 800 performances in over 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa in nine years. Vuneny recorded 3 albums, several movie soundtracks, and several multimedia and experimental sound projects. After the collapse of the Vuneny collective, in 2012 Nedim Ćišić started a solo project of the Midi Brigade, collaborated with various musicians and composed music for theater performances.

ivan kovacevic

Ivan Kovačević



Dražen Majerski


fejzic trio¸1

Hrvoje Ćaćulović

Bass guitar

Rodjen u Bihaću 19.11.1975. U Mostaru živi od 1997. godine. Glazbom se počinje baviti od ranog djetinjstva u rodnom gradu, a dolaskom u Mostar vrlo se brzo uključuje u lokalnu scenu. Svirao i svira u velikom broju bendova i projekata, lokalnih i regionalnih. Najznačajniji su: Black Chicken Leg, Bad Blues Band, Samir Fejzić, Zana Mesihović, Kulturni Jogurt, Zoster, Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Noa & Funkblasters, Grupa More... Osim bas gitare svira i gitaru.