About us

Mostar Rock School acts as a sound factory which each year yields a new generation of trained talents, and serves as a place of exchange and cooperation, a professional musicians' club and an organization that provides a range of support services for young musicians and bands on the rise.

Our Story

The Mostar Rock School implements its program activities in Pavarotti Music Center in Mostar, where the school offers musical education for youth. Through weekly individual classes, band coaching classes and session bands program, students enhance their knowledge and instrument skills, cooperate and team up with other students in task implementation.

The program is set in a way for them to work with as many different peers as possible, each time working together and sharing the same passion to reach a common goal. In this way, besides the education, Mostar Rock School serves as a place of encounter and cooperation and promotes common values and celebrates diversity.

Furthermore, Mostar Rock School offers its infrastructure (fully equipped music rooms) for rehearsals to all interested musicians and bands from Mostar and the surrounding area.

This way, Mostar Rock School services up to 200 young people at any given time.

Each school year, within its educational program Mostar Rock School implements more than 3000 hours of individual lessons, 400 session band rehearsals and it counts more than 1300 guest band rehearsals and practices throughout the year.

In eight years of its existence, Mostar Rock School has organized a various series of activities: 98 concerts (session bands, promotional, jam session), participated in 10 international youth exchanges (Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia, France), hosted some of the greatest names of the world music scene such as "Black Crowes "(USA) and" Ten Years After "(UK), Innes Sibunn, Senad Šuta (Dubioza Kolektiv), Damir Urban (CRO), Vasil Hadžimanov Band (SER) Lord Bishop Rocks (USA) i Audiowolf (GER), Brian Eno (Eng), Doyle Bramhall II (USA), Adam Minkoff (USA), Chriss St. Hillaire (USA), Van Velzen (NED)... and has managed to gain an overall positive image, both in Mostar, as well as throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The quality of the project is recognized by some of the highly respectable educational institutions such as United World College Mostar who has integrated Mostar Rock School's program as one of the five obligatory outreach activities for four of its students annually.