The Rock School’s program is based on demand-driven learning. This means that our teachers adapt the curriculum to what you need and want to learn.

Through weekly individual classes and band coaching classes, students enhance their knowledge and instrument skills, cooperating with students at the same general level. Students create bands and perform live, and senior students are recognized and engaged at a professional level.

Individual lessons
The Mostar Rock School offers individual and combined classes in the following categories:
- drums
- bass guitar
- electric guitar
- keyboards
- saxophone
- vocals

Through individual lessons, Mostar Rock School students acquire and enhance their knowledge and musical skills, and the curriculum is individual and tailored to the needs of each student.

Session band program
Under this program, Rock School forms 10 – 15 bands which are tasked to prepare for a concert within a certain time frame. The school then organizes a concert where all session bands present their work and results.
Within one school year, five thematic cycles of session band program take place, covering the music decade of 50s onwards.  New bands are formed for the each round resulting in total of 50 – 70 different bands formed and as many original songs created.
It is the Session band program that links all the students. It is the team work and creative process that teaches them to work with different personalities, to express their ideas as well to embrace the ideas of the other.

Band coaching
Band coaching means professional guidance of band rehearsals. A band coach coaches students in defining their sound, selecting and arranging songs, listening skills, working as a team, learning to play functionally in a band setting, and preparing for a show. For more advanced bands, the program includes aspects such as performance skills, promotion and management.

Studio recordings
Professional audio recordings at Recording studio MC Pavarotti for talented bands and best session formations. Planned establishment of Mostar Rock School own Recording studio will provide and include the educational aspect as well as initiate the development of presentation and booking sectors.

Master class workshops
Master classes are led by experts in a specific music style, presenting their unique technical approach to their instrument or presenting the topics relevant to young musicians and bands on the rise such as Music Industry, History of Rock Music, Management and Booking, Copyright, Marketing, etc.

As part of this program, and in cooperation with Mostar Blues & Rock Festival, Mostar Rock School students had the opportunity to see the legendary Ten Years After (UK), Innes Sibun (UK) - formerly guitarist with Robert Plant, Marc Ford - the guitarist of the legendary band the Black Crowes (USA) and hear about their extensive experience in the music industry.

Besides its regular program concerts presenting session bands, Mostar Rock School organizes a number of concerts per year presenting its work to the wider audience and is invited to play at various cultural events.

Summer Rock School
A week long music camp gathering 60 youngsters, teachers and band coaches took place in summer 2015 and it will potentially become a regular Mostar Rock School activity.

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