In 1998, as part of Pavarotti Music Center program activities, local organization Apeiron took the first steps towards starting a rock school in Mostar. Even though the activities lasted only for a short period, the Music Center continued to foster the idea of an urban, non-classical approach to music and continued to provide a space for local bands rehearsals.

In late 2011, Orhan Maslo in cooperation with the Dutch organization Musicians without Borders and local partner Pavarotti Music Center began working to revive this idea and initiate the first steps towards its realization.
Preparatory activities of the project were funded by Robert Bosch Foundation and the funds for program activities were provided by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo.
Mostar Rock School started its activities in August 2012, when twenty young musicians from Mostar (four teachers and 16 students) took part in the rock camp in Macedonia- Skopje Summer School, resulting in creation of first school bands. After big concert in Skopje, young bands presented themselves in Mostar marking the beginning of the first Mostar Rock School year – generation 2012/2013.

The first Mostar Rock School generation counted 55 students and the school serviced another 40 musicians from Mostar and surrounding areas. Through its activities and multicultural character, Mostar Rock School managed to gain an overall positive image and interest in participating in Mostar Rock School program was constantly growing.
In mid-2014, Mostar Rock School was registered as the local association with the aim:

Through its activities, Mostar Rock School association aims to actively contribute to the revival of the urban music scene in Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina and using music as a tool, connects young people in achieving their common goals, regardless of their ethnic, religious or other background. To serve as a place of exchange and cooperation, a platform with a range of support services for young musicians and bands on the rise.

The fourth program year 2015/2016 is being successfully implemented by the support of Royal Norwegian Embassy in B&H, our key donor that supported Mostar Rock School from the very beginning. At the beginning of 2016, Mostar Rock School stays without means, because Norwegian Government redirected their priorities, and support for this fifth year of the program could not be realized. After ten months of crisis period, Mostar Rock School has signed and concluded three-year contract with Embassy of Sweden in Sarajevo, in March 2017 and with USAID in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in May 2017. In August 2018, Mostar Rock School signed three year contract with Royal Norwegian Embassy again, which means that school continues its core activities successfully.

The seventh program year 2018/2019 is being implemented by Royal Norwegian Embassy, Embassy of Sweden in Sarajevo – SIDA, Supporting program for marginalized group – USAID and by City of Mostar.


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